Thursday, April 26, 2012

Monkey Wrench No. 1

2 Dogs 2000 Miles Asia is off to an inauspicious start. My feasibility team and I have hit the proverbial bump in the road. Or swell in the ocean. The problem is transport. 

How do the fuzzybutts and I cross the 5,800 mile expanse of the Pacific Ocean to Japan? By plane it's a 14 hour flight from LAX to Narita which would be easy but there is absolutely no way my boys will be stowed like luggage in some cargo hold all alone. 

How about a boat then? I love to be on the open seas but as we have recently learned, none of the cruise ships permit pets on board which to me seems particularly odd since travel and leisure with a companion seem to go hand in hand. Even if said companion is of the fuzzybutt kind. 

On to Plan C. Freighters. Believe it or not, you can actually catch a ride on one of those big container ships to pretty much anywhere around the world and the accommodations are better than the luxury liners. Just not with your dog. 

I haven't figured out yet whether it's a legal issue or silly superstition why there doesn't seem to be any poop on the poop deck but the term sea dog has a whole new irony to me. 

But I am a man unperturbed by such roadblocks. A Marine I met on the Great Allegheny Passage who was training for the AT put it perfectly, "Impossible only describes a degree of difficulty". 

We will find a way.


Solitude.Peace said...

You will find a way - you always do.

Anonymous said...

so proud of what your doing! and the pups! my "son" (white boxer) was just diagnosed with cancer febuary 24 this year 4 days after his 8th birthday! monday i had his birthday and thursday the vet to tell me he had 3 months left to live! it sucks i feel like im waiting for him to die anyday i hate it! there was no signs i was ticking his belly and he was "laughing" and i saw a lump in his mouth ...thats it! thank u so much for what your doing

jmillerct said...

i can only hope there is some rich person outthere with a private jet that would donate to bring you & getcha back! i saw your walk today on animal planet and think what your doing is amazing! i wish you the very best on your wonderful journey! you will make a difference. happy walking to you :)