Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Midnight Me

In all truthfulness, I haven't written here much or often since Murphy died or really had any desire to do so.

It wasn't until a recent conversation with a friend that I began to understand why. She said that she loved talking to me late at night - the 'Midnight Me' - because I was stripped of everything except innocence and passion. Well she said some of that anyway, the rest I'm sure I extrapolated.

But she's right.

You've been there for me and my boys throughout all of this but I haven't been there for you. It was out of fear and uncertainty (I'll get to that later) that I stopped sharing our lives with you in any substantial way.  I only shared that with a few people.

But that ends now.


Ramsey Rambles said...

Welcome Back Luke The Ramz has been here waiting ! Almost a year now !

Ramsey Rambles said...

Luke Wecome BAck The RAmz has been waiting all this time ! It's been almost a year.

The Eilenberger's said...

We all have times in our lives when we have to Whatever the reasons you have had to keep to yourself are your reasons. You've been through a lot and its hard to go through that when you feel your emotions are out there for all to see and scrutinize. I know when I lost my Sam I wanted the world to go away...and admit that sometimes I still feel the same way.

It is good to hear that you are feeling the desire to get back into writing and sharing your adventures with the boys with us again. That makes me smile.

Solitude.Peace said...

There is that passion; the hidden passion that can sometimes be too intense for even ourselves. It is then that we must unleash and run free without barriers. Our hearts become exposed and the uncertanity is what awaits us but you have faced it before - four years ago.

Rosie said...

So happy that you are refinding yourself and are writing again. I have missed these posts. You had so much at once,,the walk...completing the walk and then right into Murphy's cancer. There was no time to exhale. Well, Luke you took that much needed time...well deserved I may say. Good to see you back and I look forward to more writings of your thoughts and adventures with Hudson and Indy. Love and support all three of you more than you know.
Rosie Willis Willett