Thursday, March 29, 2012

I Am 2 Dogs 2000 Miles

Since the conclusion of the walk I've been bouncing around all over the place starting blogs, fan clubs, and websites, too.  Two reasons for this; first I'm a lightening rod for novel thoughts and innovative ideas.  I was born this way and rarely a week goes by when I'm not climbing the conceptual walls.  Ginger has a placard in her house specifically for me that reads, 'Go Fascinate Someone Else' since she has historically almost always been on the business end of my ideations.  

Second, its seems apparent to me now that some of them were designed by my subconscious mind as a distraction from accepting, internalizing, and processing Murphy's loss.  I joked that after I returned from my fast last year I sat down in front of a spreadsheet to list all of the projects and ideas I had.  Three sheets later, I still wasn't finished probably making me the busiest homeless guy ever.

I have been working tirelessly since then on multiple fronts all, in their own right in furtherance of my life's mission and as extension of the walk.   The Homeless Chef was spawned from the many meals I made for host families to thank them for their kindness and generosity.  Finding Fuzzybutt Four was conceived by me to help find homes for other rescued Pyrenees once little Indy came into our life.   

For a long while now I intended to phase out 2 Dogs 2000 Miles because that journey was over.  Evolve it into the Fuzzybutt Fight Club or one of the other sites I launched to become the central console for my efforts to eradicate cancer. 

But managing so many projects mostly on my own has exacted a tremendous toll on me and it's time to focus.  

Although I loved every second of life on the road I never considered myself a hardcore hiker or adventure junkie.  That's reserved for guys like Jonathan Stalls whom nature custom designed specifically for that. 

Yes, yes... I knew we would have future adventures like 2 Dogs 2000 Beers or 2 Dogs 200 Golf Courses I hadn't figured out what came next yet.

But I realize now after all of this reflection and introspection and the tragic circumstances in between, this story shall continue as it began.     

I am 2 Dogs 2000 Miles and walking across Japan is Chapter Two.  

Some of you were curious why I've chosen the Rising Sun next and I'll address that in a future blog.  But for now to simplify and focus, some changes must be made.  

1. My personal Facebook page, 2 Dogs 2000 Miles will continue.  However I have about a thousand people waiting to be my friend as it is my personal account.

2. The 2 Dogs 2000 Miles Group on Facebook will also continue . This will be the only authentic FB for now.  We may have to convert to a fan page rather than a group but  we'll deal with that when we get to it.  Thank you for everyone who has been keeping the group alive and I will have a stronger presence there going forward.

3. Fuzzybutt Fight Club and the 2 Dogs 2000 Miles fan pages I'll be phasing out and posting for everyone there to move over to the aforementioned group.

4. This blog will be my own personal and professional public blog.  I'll post things about cancer, the foundation I started - 2 Million Dogs events; but expect recipes, adventures, and social commentaries here as well.  If you only care to learn about developments in canine cancer and comparative oncology, please visit the foundation's website 

5. The only other blog which will carry forward is Raising Indiana though there  will be changes there, too and to learn about those please read about them here

Finding Fuzzybutt Four and the Homeless Chef won't be, however, as I am winding those down. Although I'm tremendously appreciative of everyone's involvement, I just don't have time for them.

6. The Rock, The Ripple, and the River.  The book has been the greatest consternation and lack of clarity for me since the walk ended.  It plagues me still.  Part one, the first of the trilogy, is complete but I'm thinking now that the documentary should take priority as Jesse, my partner and DP and I have been working tirelessly to get it to a film festival for next year.  This may change.  Hell, it may change, then change back, then change again.  All I can say with absolute certainty is this story, its past, present, and future will be told. 


Tish said...

I am pleased to hear this. Though your mind won't stop spinning with ideas and that's a good thing - coming to the realization of how 2dogs2000miles should be your focus is by far one of my favorites. It was because of 2dogs2000miles, the heart exposed and the truth in the words that kept me and encouraged me to remain and to be a part of 2 Million Dogs as well.

I wholeheartedly agree that you should become more active on the fb group page of 2dogs2000miles. The stories and thousands of people who blow up that page daily would love to hear from you. Be it a word of encouragment or just a simple statement of 'I know' - They are all there because of you Luke.

This blog has personally kept me, kept my heart and has made me smile as much as it has made me cry. Keep this up.

The book - the documentary - the book - the documentary, whichever comes first or however they come; they are anticipated. Just tell the story. Tell it with love, passion and dammit, tell it all.

With much love, respect and admiration - your friend always.

Nikki Forrester said...

I was so touched when hearing about this story.