Friday, September 9, 2011

Charm Bracelets

Growing up in a small Texan town my mother used to own a jewelry and antique store called Mrs. Robinson's Neighborhood where my three brothers and I worked at various stages in our youth. I'm the smallest of my siblings so we're pretty big guys and mostly my mom used us to move heavy 100 year old oak tables and such but for some curious cosmic reason I developed an eye for designing jewelry and sold lots of pieces at her store.

I'm older now, my eyesights changed and my fingers not as nimble but aside from writing and speaking engagements both of which were put on hold after Murphy's cancer spread, there aren't a lot of ways to make money on the road and living in a tent. So I've made the decision to revisit my previous skill and make jewelry.

I'm starting out with charm bracelets since they're really quite lovely and don't require as much inventory to travel with. I've designed two styles:  a Puppy Up! charm bracelet and a Custom one with your pet's name.

As it has been decades since the last piece I strung and I have no idea what people are buying these days I've come up with six starting designs though I have more in my head.   All charm bracelets are designed and hand made by me and consist of Sterling silver 5.5mm letters and semi-precious gemstones and other spacers and artistic beads.  Bracelet sizes are available in 7 and 7 1/2 inches but if you need something special you can email me your request (see below).    


In this bracelet I've used amethyst chips with silver antique beads and Rose quartz rounds but as they're each custom made according to the name of your pet, the number, size, and type may vary.  Silver lobster clasps are used in all bracelet styles.     

The Puppy Up! charm only incorporates Amethyst chips but also may vary according to what's available or my particular mood at the moment but the end product will be comparable.
In this design I've incorporated both Aquamarine and clear brilliant crystals as well as light blue glass spaces between the letters.  Solid silver rounded beads are used, too. 

The Puppy Up! charm is similar to the custom bracelet except I used a solid aqua round bead to separate the words. 

Gold and Silver

In this style I've used a mixture of gold filled rounds and rondelle spacers as well as silver twists as an accent in both charm bracelets. 
Lapis Lazuli

Lapis has always been one of my favorite stones with its flecks of gold brilliant colors.  Ovals and rounds of lapis along with silver spacers complement this charm bracelet. 


I've always thought something magical about Malachite with the black striations in the stone.  In this design you'll find a mix of Malachite chips and hand carved rounded beads with silver. 


Black onyx, curiously shaped and styled silver beads, as well as two porcerlain beads perfectly complement the Turquoise stones in this charm bracelet. 

There are lots of changing going on with my website so I'm using Click and Pledge for now and it confuses some folks including me. This LINK takes you to their secure check out page where you can choose the style: Amethyst, Crystal etc and type: Puppy up or Custom in either 7 or 7 1/2 inches. If you select Custom there will be a place for you to type in the name of your pet on the next page.

I've priced the Puppy Up Charm Bracelets at $99.00 and the Custom Pet Name ones at a flat rate of $109 no matter how long their name unless it's 'Joey Joe Joe Junion Shabadoo' - a nickname might be better. I've looked at comparable charms that weren't as nice and I think this is reasonable. Plus the price includes shipping.

Since each bracelet is handmade by me allow two weeks for delivery. We'll be travelling for the next couple of months I'm going to have to have the supplies sent to each city. If you're purchasing it as a gift and need it by a specific date put that in the space for Custom names or email me at

Also if you have a special request send me an email and I'll see if I can accomodate you.

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jen said...

These are just beautiful! Love all the beautiful colors!

Solitude.Peace said...

Oh Luke these are so beautiful. I don't like a lot of jewerly but I do have a thing for bracelets! I'm excited to own one or two or three at some point. I really like the Lapis and the Malachite - two of my favorite colors.

Kuddos to your mom for putting your butt to work so that you could explore your talents.

You are so crafty with your words, your song and your jewerly. The love and passion shows through.