Tuesday, August 16, 2011


The new blog for finding a mate (My fourth fuzzybutt) for Hudson is live and already there are 70 or so dogs up there – Finding Fuzzybutt Four

All of these beautiful puppies need a good home and if you find one you fall in love with, please contact the shelter or rescue about adopting them. This is not a competition and we want all of them to find the right family. We are adding new ones as they come to us so check back often.

This week I’m going to take Hudson to meet a few and will post videos of the experience there.

Email Sheila Rinks with any questions...

puppy up!

Hudson & Luke

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Solitude.Peace said...

I do love this picture of you and Hudson, just beautiful!

I look forward to Hudson connecting with the fuzzybutt that he just can't do without...you too. To be able to experience this through video will be great! It will allow me to be a part of this journey in some way. This time in your life will be fun and trying but it will make a huge difference in your lives...Each of you.

Wishing you and Hudson the absolute best of the best.

Puppy Up!