Thursday, August 4, 2011

Finding Fuzzybutt Four

Hudson turned 5 today and now that I’ve laid Murphy to rest and had my time alone to reconcile his loss, it’s time to find Hudson a brother.

I am starting a separate blog entitled Finding Fuzzybutt Four to chronicle the experience and open it up to the public and anyone who would like to be a part of the process.

We’re still working through how all of this is going to work but I’ve made a few decisions:

(1) I’m going with another Great Pyrenees. Meeting so many awesome mixed breeds on the road I thought back then my next one will be a plain ole American mutt, just as long as I always have one Pyr in my pack. But after losing Murphy I realized I’m 2 for 2. I couldn’t have been blessed with better mates than he and Malcolm - the jury is still out on Hudson. So life is short, get a Great Pyr, I decided.

(2) It’ll be from a rescue or shelter which makes (3) harder but it needs to be a puppy, 2 – 6 months old. I want it to be young enough to grow into our pack and full of puppiness for Hudsy. He hasn’t gotten to play a lot this past year and it’s his time now.

In setting up a separate blog I want to share what I learn throughout the adoption process and enable others to participate in it as well. If you’re a shelter or rescue you can post prospective mates for Hudson here as well as share best practices for a successful adoption, qualities to look for that fit your pack, and best ways to introduce them into their new environment. Other people will be allowed to share success stories with their adoptions as well which we can all learn from.

I am working with Sheila Rinks on this and she’ll be the blog admin. All you have to do is email her at what you want to post and as long as it fits the criteria, she’ll invite you on as a guest blogger (I know there are a ton of great dogs out there looking for homes but I’d like to keep the focus here on finding a prospective mate for Hudson).

We’re still working out the kinks in this concept but the process is probably going to take a few months and we want to get started with it now. Let’s find Hudson a brother…. Keep the faith and puppy up!

Happy birthday, my boy

Hudson and Luke

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Ramsey Rambles said...

Extra Extra read all about it

From the Fuzzy Butt Daily News Blog

Luke Robinson needs a fuzzy butt !

Woofcerly Ramsey Rambles

Amanda Baur said...

Why can't Hudson have a sister?

Solitude.Peace said...

I went to a 'limited kill shelter' when I got Kirby. Some people said that I shouldn't go there because they kill these babies. It wasn't as though I went there to promote the shelter, I went there to save one from being killed. I knew that I wanted a faithful friend and I knew I wanted a large breed. I ended up with a 'mutt' and he isn't a large breed. Kirby was found abandoned in Temple without any access to water. He was sick when I brought him home and I remember he just wanted to lay with me. I took him to the vet and started the best possible care for this baby of mine. He was two months old at the time and he is now close to thirteen months. In our time together I have laughed and learned a different meaning of love. He wasn't what I went for but he is everything I needed.

I wish tremendous success for you and Hudsy. I wish that each of you live a long loving life with a new fuzzybutt with the two most wonderful fuzzybutts with you in spirit...

Bobbie said...

Check out Save A Dog online. Happy hunting. We know a new puppy/dog is not going to be the beloved pet we lost, but it helps to fill some of the empty space forever in our hearts.

erinay77 said...

Big Fluffy Dog Rescue out of Nashville! They are the BEST!! :o)

The Eilenberger's said...

I left one comment and it got lost in the upload so I am going to try again. You will find there are a lot of Pyr rescues out there so I can recommend a couple of things to you. First, find as many as you can and get their applications. Most will do nothing without the application in hand.

Even if they don't have the dog you are looking for, go ahead and submit the applications. Some are more tedious than others. That's not a bad thing but some are not prepared for all the criteria that has to be met. This will allow for all the groundwork to be done. Let them know what you are looking for and then if they find it your application will already be approved and you are one step ahead all the others. Puppies are in high demand so being one step ahead is a good thing.

Once a puppy is found, and your application is approved, all that may be required is a home visit. I've done several of these for rescues and it is usually the last step before you get the dog. Good Luck and happy hunting!

Rosie Willis Willett said...

God bless you, Luke. Somehow I knew that another pyr would come into the pack,just didn't know when. You dug deep and really Puppied Up to make this decision. What a wonderful gift you are giving Hudson and also to yourself. Malcolm and Murphy are smiling down on you. They will lead you to the right puppy at the right time.

ThundersMom said...

Just sent you several Petfinder listings including one for a purebred male pup near Cleveland that looks adorable. Lots of pack friendly young males available in Virginia if you cannot find a puppy. Too many suburbanites love the look then cannot cope with the size of these gorgeous beasties. Best of luck!

Anonymous said...

Why not find Hudson a sister instead? After all, Hudsy IS a Metrosexual. And it might be nice for the two of you to have the distaff pov. Just thinking you might do well with a little less testosterone in your life -- for balance.

Siku Marie, White Dog said...

Thank you for giving a pup in need a real chance at a beautiful life. Rescue Dogs Rock! We have four!

Anonymous said...

Hey, been followin the story and I don't how far it would be from yall but there's a Carolina Pyrenees Rescue that has some adorable dogs, you'd just have to look at them and ask if they have the age you're looking for to adopt, but like I said it's a rescue and they have some dogs in need of a great home and a great brother like Hudson...

ThundersMom said... Here's a beautiful purebred baby in Ohio. Good luck in your search. I lost my longcoat shepherd to cancer this time last year. We fought hard to no avail and the loss still lingers.

Shirley Mondeaux said...

Hi Luke, Am so glad to see you back and am so happy that you are going to add another fuzzy butt to your pack. Please don't limit yourself to one area of the nation.

There is an awesome volunteer group called Pilots N Paws who fly rescue animals all over the nation for free from kill and no kill shelters. What an wonderful opportunity for them to become even more well known by all the rescues out there if they could fly your new addition to you! You would not only be helping your puppy, but lots of other dogs/cats by educating more rescues that these awesome heroes even exist.

Know that you will find the perfect match when it is time.

Hope you will write a book, as I cannot wait to hear about your march across this great nation! Thank you for making canine cancer your mission. I too have lost three of my babies to cancer (my last one, Buster, German Short Hair was on your first calendar) and now have hope that my two others may not have to fight this terrible disease.

God bless you.

And last but not least, to use your words "Puppy Up"!

Solitude.Peace said...

I actually posted the one about Knut on Finding FuzzyButt Four blog. Such a cutie, wish there were more pictures though. I think Knut fits the criteria and of course I love the name. Knut was also the name of a very popular polar bear that I followed and he died not long ago. Wishing Hudson well in finding a great friend/brother to play with. With a heavy heart, the search continues and the fight shall never cease.