Monday, July 5, 2010

We Made It Malcolm... We Made It

Two weeks later and I'm still wrestling with how I want to talk about Boston. That may surprise you since it was without doubt a spectacular way to celebrate the final day of this amazing journey.

Just before Boston a reporter asked me if I had accomplished everything I set out to and I still don't know how to answer that question.

The short answser is - I got Hudson & Murphy from Austin to Boston safely which was the single most important part of my mission. Against all odds I did that, defying countless skeptics and disbelievers. Some said we'd never make it 100 miles... others said we'd never make it out of Texas.

But this journey was never about proving myself or my abilities to anyone. I leave that to people like Bear Grylls and Shaun White. So what did I hope to accomplish with the walk?

Sharing Malcolm's story and educating thousands of people about canine can.cer and comparative oncology was a big part of it. It brought together so many from disparate backgrounds and distant lands that I'm only beginning to understand the implications and possibilities. Even still that wasn't why.

I set out from Austin some two and a half years ago with a simple hope - to find out what took my boy from me and until and when I accomplish that there will be no rest. As long as cancer is the greatest scourge known to mankind it can count me as its greatest enemy.

Boston wasn't a victory lap for me. Not by any stretch of the imagination. I suppose some people after an endeavour of this magnitude congratulate themselves. I am not one of them. I was born in the Year of the Dog. Nuf said.

But I do owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to all those who made this walk possible - a debt that can only be repaid by fulfilling Malcolm's legacy.

'Is Eram Meus Filius'


Anonymous said...

Luke: getting to Boston was indeed a great accomplishment and a journey completed for you and the boys. You deserve much praise for your determination, especially during the difficult times. However your mission is not over and your next steps will take you new places. I hope you feel the love and encouragement from the people who have supported you along the way with their prayers, concerns, and donations of time, warm beds, hot meals, and donations of the monetary kind as well. We understand that your mission is far from over and that your heart is still 100 percent invested in making a difference and getting some answers.
Love, Patty

Anonymous said...

We are with you 100%, after loosing our Luv Glory to cancer, I didnt know where to turn , then we found you and the boys and the journey that evolved because of your luv Malcolm.Your walk was such a loving multipurpose journey, it brought grieving humans together to share stories and recieve comfort, it gave us info in all areas that we never would have found and the most important thing it showed all the love that still exists in our country. Yes there are still wonderful folks out there. Thank you and the boys so much. I fell in love with Huds.....Oh hes a precious smiley soul. Thank you for letting us share a few days with him. BIG HUGS and love from the Taylor gang Erika

Jim, Rene, Wyatt and Spirit Jerry said...

And you can always count us us to be on your team. Puppy Up Forever!

Malcolm would be proud.

Anonymous said...

You are a beautiful man on a beautiful mission! Thank you for everything you do!

Debbie Eades said...

When people say there are no heroes anymore, I tell them about you and what you did. Malcolm must be so proud of you and the fuzzybutts.

Nwptrn said...

This journey, you are right, is far from over for any of us who have lost our beloved dogs/best freinds/children to cancer. In my own way, I do what I can. I spread the word, I educate, I tell them about you, & I donate money to help dogs get treatment ... & in my Boys' memory, I have now become a crazy advocate of rescuing homeless dogs. I could only take in 1, but in the past 2 months, Ive helped place at least 2 into loving homes - 2 sweet innocent souls who were discarded by the human race, & taken into the arms of a loving home. Peace to you & your Boys. It was wondeful to meet you all ~Rebecca from (mom to Kibo & Sana, my angel Boys)