Monday, May 10, 2010

Join Us In Boston

When I began this walk in March 2008 I knew it would be an unrivaled challenge in my own life, but little did I know I'd also be staring down the greatest scourge known to man.

We have been fighting cancer since before the world's oldest documented case recorded in ancient Egypt, in 1500 b.c. Still, no one truly knows the extent of the damage cancer has wrought worldwide, yet its costs are in the trillions of dollars and it has effected billions of lives, human and animal, in just the last hundred years alone.

In the towns we've walked through, cancer has wiped out whole families and the genetic profiles of those spared have been fundamentally altered forever.

Science has shown us that no one is safe. Pets and people, both young and old, are in its wake and we stand witness to a global pandemic the likes of which we have never seen. The World Health Organization publicized a report that states that for the first time in history cancer kills more people than any other disease. Some estimates from the field of veterinary medicine suggest that greater than 50% of dogs over 10 years old will die of cancer.

What I've learned in my travels for over 2 years and 2,200 miles has both fueled the fire that's kept me going all this time but also made me question myself. "Who am I to think I can change things? I'm no scientist... I'm nothing more than an ordinary guy from a small town in Texas."

I remember reading a magnet on a fridge in Blythedale, PA. that said, "God chooses ordinary people to do extraordinary things." I believe I've been given this mission for a reason and while we've come this far, it's only the beginning.

That's why I am asking you to join us in Boston. My mission -- our mission -- is only beginning.


Jim said...

You are no "ordinary guy" my friend, not by any means.

We wish you could understand how much it hurts us that we can't be there with you and the boys for the final mile, since we were there at the beginning. Please know that we have been with you in spirit every foot of the way.

Anonymous said...

Your journey has been blessed. You have been protected and taken in and touched by many along the way. I believe you are right that this is only the beginning. And in turn you have helped many along the way and educated many and learned so much. Keep your faith strong and keep putting one foot in front of the other.......
Love, Patty G