Saturday, May 29, 2010

Final Mile T-Shirts and Fans

By now you know all about the Memorial Service and Final Mile with Luke, Hudson, and Murphy, June 19 at 9:30 AM EDT in Boston. Whether you’ll be one of the hundreds of people from over 18 states who will be in Boston walking the Final Mile alongside The Boys, or organizing your own local Final Mile Walk with a group of friends (take pictures and we’ll post them to the blog here), or just walking your own pups down the neighborhood street (yes, we want those pictures too!), you’ll want to show your support and your 2 Dogs colors. We now have available both T-Shirts and fans (posters) for the occasion!

The “I walked the final mile with the Fuzzybutts” T-Shirt is a white T with the 2 Million Dogs “Cancer. Touches. Everyone.” motto on the front and “I Walked the Final Mile with the Fuzzybutts” on the back. Examples of the artwork are pictured below. You can order your T-Shirts at our puppy up! store here but hurry. The deadline for ordering Fuzzybutts T-shirts is June 1 and once they’re gone, they’re gone!

The fan, held by our friend Hope Lisle, is pictured here – only instead of Daisy’s name and photo, your dog’s name and photo would appear. Fans measure 8½”x11” and are made of card stock and laminated so they’re water resistant, and come with a wooden handle as well. They cost only $10.00 each, which includes shipping. If you would like to order a fan with your dog's name and photo on it to carry on the Final Mile, or to have as a keepsake, please fill out this form and email it to: The fans can either be “In Memory of …” or “In Honor of …” a pet or person who has experienced cancer. Deadline for ordering fans is May 31!

For more information contact Hope Lisle at

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