Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Night Before TODAY

Getting a beauty rest before a national television appearance is a must.

OK, by now you must know that Luke, Hudson, and Murphy will be on The Today Show, Friday, February 5, 2010. Right now they’re camped down the street from the studios in The Muse Hotel, only a few blocks away, and will be walking, accompanied by ‘Mommy Ginger’ to the studio in the morning. Ginger said she flew in from Memphis just to make sure everyone got to the studio on time, but I think she secretly wants to meet Matt and Meredith. Everyone’s to be there by 7AM EST. When I spoke to Ginger tonight, she’d just finished brushing Murphy and the Concierge had dropped off 2 dog bowls and 2 (way too small) beds for The Boys in Luke’s room. (Yeah, like Hudsy and Murph are going to sleep on the floor. HA! This ain't no tent, ya know.)

In the meantime, Luke was busy polishing up the web site with new information about Boston, an expanded list of sponsors, and a link to the next phase of 2Dogs2000Miles. (You’ll just have to visit the web page to find out!)

Everyone’s excited and Luke’s Facebook page is loaded with messages wishing The Boys a great time. We hope you have your TiVOs and VCRs set! We wish them, “break a leg” and know they’ll soon win the hearts of thousands more.

In the photo to the right, Hudson is meeting the Muse's Concierge, Candy. Always the Lady's Man.


P&P Fit said...

Saw you all on the Today Show and passed info on to all our clients...also ordered Puppy Up! bumper stickers for myself and my husband. We lost our baby too-sending prayers to you all for a safe journey. Thank you for all you do!

Linda said...

I saw the show last Friday and enjoyed it so much. I still think they didn't give you enough time! I told all my dog friends about it. You're doing an amazing job! Bless you, Hudson & Murphy and hugs, from me, Spike & Lacy!!

Jude said...

Luke, I missed it. Any place we can see it again? Do you have it on a youtube?

You're almost there,
hugs to you and da boys.


Jude said...

Luke, we missed the today show. Do you have a copy of the segment on a youtube or some other place?
Good luck towards the finish. You guys are almost there.
Hugs to you and da boys.


Sallie said...

How exciting!