Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Sold Out!

We’re sold out of calendars! Yes, we are plumb out. Nada. Zip. Zilch. None. Zero. Gone.

The good news is we can order more if there’s enough interest. If you haven’t ordered your "Cancer Can't Keep A Good Dog Down" calendars yet, or if you want more (they are beautiful, aren’t they – great gifts, memorials, mementos, collector’s items), please email Ginger by this Thursday and let her know how many (dozen) you want. You can reach her at

Seriously, they really are beautiful and make great gifts for your vet, your groomer, your office, your family, your friends, people you know on the bus, your Great Aunt Bessie in Duluth, total strangers. (OK, I exaggerated, but only about the total strangers.)

This is a calendar you’ll want to keep. It’s a calendar with a message – a message especially suited to vets, groomers, the local pet store, other friends with dogs (and cats), etc. Help get the word out, share the information, and start the revolution. People will look at the wonderful photos, get curious, read their stories, learn about Hudson, Murphy, and Luke, and spread the word. What better way to do it?!

So please drop Ginger an email and let her know.

And THANKS to ALL of you who have made this calendar such a terrific success – from all the folks who shared their beautiful dog’s stories and photos, to Ginger and Jorge who made it happen again this year, to Luke who was inspired to come up with the idea, to my wife, Lia, who helped me proof read, and to everyone who enthusiastically ordered so many we’ve run out! As you know, part of the proceeds from sales will go directly to the three universities we’ve chosen this year to receive funds. The rest will go to furthering the message about canine cancer and comparative oncology.

Thanks again and puppy up!

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