Tuesday, December 15, 2009

In The News - December 15, 2009

Thursday – December 17 -- Live Video Chat at 9 PM EST with special guest Lorri Hare -- Live Video Chat with Luke, and Lorri Hare from Bowling Green Warren County Humane Society . Luke, Hudson, and Murphy met Lorri, the Director of BGWCHS some time ago – way back when they were in Kentucky – and she will be our first guest on the video chat Thursday night. She’ll visit with people on-line and discuss what they do at her shelter, and give a general presentation on what all shelters could use/need this time of year. She’s a terrific person and we’re very happy she’s made time to be on our video cast. After Lorri speaks, Luke will take questions. The Chat will last 1 hour and can accommodate up to 30 participants. I will post the link here when I have it, so if you’re interested in getting in on the chat this week, please stand by. We’re using WebEx, a much more user-friendly system, so if you tried unsuccessfully to get in on another chat, please try again. You can even use it successfully on dial-up so even those still stuck in the 20th century can be a part of the fun!

By the way – WebEx has a nifty recording feature. So even if you can’t get in on the live Chat, you can access a recording of it and listen in. More on that later. (OK, OK, I have yet to figure out how it works. But it does, and it will, and we’ll post the link. Promise!)

Friday, December 18 – Crossing the George Washington Bridge and into Bryant Park Friday December 18 – The George Washington Bridge crossing is this Friday morning at 9 AM EST. Then The Boys will walk along the Hudson Esplanade to 110th Street, through Central Park and and up at Bryant Park – meeting at Annie’s Dog Bakery and Boutique (which, Luke tells me, is in the “B Section” of Bryant park – there are maps throughout the area to help you find your way) at around 6 PM EST. Folks and their dogs who are in the area and would like to meet The Boys and welcome them to NYC & celebrate their 13th state are invited to attend. And I’m sure Annie’s Dog Bakery will be happy for the business too! (I think Murphy, the Stomach on Paws, must have suggested the meeting spot to Luke. Check out their web page and see all the delicious goodies.) And there are lots of other shops at Bryant Park, so bring your Christmas list, check it twice, cross off the naughty and load up the nice. (Yeah, yeah. I won’t quit my day job.) (Wait – this IS my day job!)

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