Thursday, March 5, 2009

Walking With Angels -- Part 2

Hi. Shadow here.

Last week when I told you about the journey Murphy and Hudson were making with their people person Luke, I thought I was just telling you about a “feel good” story and about two incredible dogs (and one people) that I had the opportunity to meet.

Obviously, there was much more.

The ink wasn’t dry on the paper before I started hearing canine cancer stories.

The first came from one of Mike’s friends (I didn’t know he had a friend besides me – but I know I am still his favorite.) from the Philadelphia area – wherever that is – who wrote me and told me about his people friend, “Dave.”

According to Ernie (Mike’s friend), Dave is a Viet Nam veteran who was wounded three times. Several years ago when Dave was going through a “rough patch,” Ernie gave him a dog to be his friend. The dog was named “Bro.”

Bro quickly became Dave’s best friend – even better than Ernie.

Then Bro died. He died of canine cancer.

Dave has not recovered from his loss. Then after he read my column from last week, he told me he has regained his purpose. He immediately contacted He found that for a donation of $25.00 Bro’s name would be added to the next version of the “angels” shirt that Luke wears.

Soon, Bro will be one of the “angels” walking with Murphy and Hudson.

I don’t know Dave. I didn’t know Bro. But I do know Murphy and Hudson deserve to have another “angel” walking with them.

The story of Bro was just the beginning.

Mike told me about Tasha, his friend Jeff’s Samoyed dog that had been rescued. Tasha died of canine cancer. She was seven.

Then I got a call from “Mr.” Mr. is a cat. He lives in Canada with Janet and Rudi, two friends of mine. (Okay – they are really friends of Mike and Jade, but they play fetch with me when they visit here. That makes them my friends too – right?)

Mr. told me he lost two of his best friends to cancer. Feline cancer.

He told me he still misses “Raffty” and “Mokey.” He said he applauds Murphy and Hudson. He would like to join them, but then, cats don’t do very well on leash.

Still, he was happy when I told him that Luke and the guys were walking for awareness of both canine and feline cancer. Mr. said he wants to be Murphy and Hudson’s first Canadian fan.

Yesterday I received a card from Casey Turner. Casey is a Golden Retriever I have met on several occasions. When I saw that the card was from Casey, I thought he was going to comment on last week’s column.

I was right. And I was wrong.

Casey has cancer. He is only six years old and he has canine cancer.

So far, he is a survivor. Casey tells me he has been through two rounds of chemotherapy treatments. He told me he gets injections, pills, and IV’s.

I thought ivy was a weed that made you itch when you touched it. Casey tells me it is a needle the veterinarian sticks in him with a bunch of fluid that runs through the needle. He says the shots hurt, but so far he is starting to feel better. He knows he has to go through at least two more treatments.

He says he will survive. He is not ready to leave his people. He doesn’t think Rhonda or Kathryn or Billy Don can get along without him. He knows he can’t get along without them.

Casey wanted me to thank Murphy and Hudson for all they are doing for all feline and cancer victims – both those who continue to survive and fight and those who have lost that fight.

I told him I would. Then I started thinking about Mayor Jr. You remember when I wrote about him and his responsibilities as Mayor of Rabbit Hash. Mayor Jr. died of canine cancer last summer.

When I told Murphy and Hudson about Bro and Tasha, and Raffty and Mokey, and gave them Casey’s thanks, I also told them about Mayor Jr. and about Rabbit Hash. Murphy told me they would really like to meet Mayor Lucy Lou and meet with those who knew and loved Mayor Jr. I told them I would meet them tomorrow. At least I think it is tomorrow. I am writing this on Tuesday. I plan to meet them on Wednesday. You are reading this on Thursday. Does that mean I am meeting them tomorrow, or I met them yesterday? Sometimes writing for Mike gets confusing.

Anyway, I told them I would meet them, and since Rabbit Hash is not on their regular route they could ride to Rabbit Hash and back to their “walking location.” I told them they could even bring Luke with them if they wanted.

Now I have to talk to Mike and Jade and see if one of them will drive me and pick up Murphy and Luke and take us to Rabbit Hash.

Mike hasn’t taught me to drive yet. Maybe that comes next. - - Shadow

Pictured above are Murphy, Shadow, and Hudson with Luke at Rabbit Hash, Kentucky. Mike drove -- this time. Thanks to Mike and his wife Jade for getting The Boys to and from Rabbit Hash for their meeting with Her Honor, Mayor Lucy Lou.

Thanks to Shadow and Mike Cooney for granting us permission to reprint Shadow's interviews with Hudson and Murphy. Mike's "A Stones Throw" weekly column appears in the Switzerland County (Indiana) Newspapers.

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