Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Meeting Mayor Lucy Lou

Rabbit Hash, Kentucky, March 4th will see a meeting of the noses. Hudson, Murphy and The Big Dog will be meeting the Mayor of Rabbit Hash, Kentucky, Her Honor Lucy Lou. Meeting a mayor is certainly quite a distinction in itself. But this mayor is different, as she has four legs and a tail and just happens to be a Border Collie.

From Lucy Lou’s DoggySpace Page, she writes: “Hi. My name is Lucy Lou. I'm a 2 year old red and white Border Collie, and I have the distinct honor of having been recently elected as Mayor of the historic town of Rabbit Hash, KY. As Mayor, my duties include promotion and fundraising for the preservation of our town, meeting visitors, TV, radio and newspaper interviews, and I act as the spokespet for the Northern KY Women's Center's Pet Protection Program. If you'd like to know more about a town that would elect a dog as it's Mayor, you can read about it at http://www.rabbithashusa.com .”

Lucy Lou is not the first K9 Mayor of Rabbit Hash. Before her was Mayor Goofy succeeded by Mayor Junior, a black lab, who sadly passed away from cancer. So Luke wants to go to Rabbit Hash not only to meet Miss Lucy Lou but to also hear about Mayors Goofy and Junior and pay his respects. Of course, the reason Hudson and Murphy want to visit Rabbit Hash is a little more obvious -- as you can see from the pictures of Lucy Lou, she’s a knockout! Now, mind your manners, Boys!

But Lucy Lou wasn’t necessarily a paw-in for the position. The competition was pretty hairy. According to Luke, who studied up on the Mayor for their meeting tomorrow, Lucy Lou was in fierce competition against 9 other dogs, a cat (wouldn’t you just know it), and a donkey. (No surprise there – she must have felt like she was running for Congress.) There’s a great video by Bill Geist on YouTube who reported on the historic mayoral election.

Interesting too, Luke tells us, is you don’t even have to be a citizen of Rabbit Hash to vote. When voting time rolls around, you can vote in person or on-line and you buy votes – as many as you want. (I’m not even touching this!) Each dollar goes to the Rabbit Hash Historical Society, which is a good thing.

So, tomorrow The Boys will be in historic Rabbit Hash, located in Northern Kentucky, only a short distance from the Cincinnati Airport and Interstate 75, to spend some time with Mayor Lucy Lou, learn a little about being a mayor, and visit with the folks of Rabbit Hash.

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