Thursday, April 30, 2015


"With every damn dog I love, I learn something I didn't know."

Since I've been off the road from the West Coast Walk and perhaps what I witnessed while on it, I've been wondering why Hudson has had 3 mast cell tumors in less than 2 years despite favorable path reports and negative genetic indicators.  

Even though we've had two allergy tests on him for some odd reason I never thought to consult an allergist.  Until Tuesday.  We met with Dr. Shanley at Hope Vet Specialists in Malvern PA on our way to the Puppy Up Walk in Madison WI and our conversation confirmed that I'm not alone in my suspicions that there may be a correlation between allergy prone dogs and mast cell tumors.  

That Hudson is my third son with cancer, I always feel I'm so far behind no matter how far I walk.  


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Malibu1969 said...

Hi Luke and Hudson and Indy,
I have followed your journey for almost 5 years here on Facebook, since my husband Sam, passed from Lukemia. I remember when Malcom died and how you carried him home . My heart goes out to all the ones affected with this disease and hope you will keep up the good work you do.
I will keep Hudsy in prayers and take care on your journey.