Sunday, June 29, 2014

Our Constant East

Tomorrow I'll close the distance to Corvallis Oregon and begin to bestride Highway 20.

This is significant in several ways.  First of all, we'll lose the Cascade Mountains, our long spanning and looming friend to our left since the Canadian border and replace it with the Coastal Range we'll have to cross over to get to 101.

Hwy 20 is the last remaining inland road and the bridge to the Pacific Coast highway (PCH), our home for the next four months.

Second I've scouted it twice and without question it's unfit and unsafe for Hudson & Indiana so I must go it alone.  Some of our new Oregon friends will look after the boys til Thursday.  Still even solo it represents significant risk. The mountainous region I'll have to walk mostly at night when traffic iss lighter and my line of sight is farther.

Add to that cell service is poor and there aren't any c-stores or restaurants for most of the 55 miles.  I'm paring my pack weight down to the absolute essentials.  Will try to post updates here... See you on the other side

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