Wednesday, April 30, 2014

T Minus Ten

Ten days from now we'll set off from Vancouver on our second mission; a six month, 1,700 mile trek to San Diego.  Since my first such - Austin to Boston, I've come to learn that there are three points to every journey: to, from, and for. 

And those points you can't find on a map as they are neither finite nor geographical in nature.   


Recently I was going through the archives from our first walk that are housed in a storage facility in Memphis to recycle gear and supplies that were donated back then and I came across a box of 2012 calendars.  The one of me carrying Murphy's lifeless body the final few steps.  The one most didn't want.  

They were water stained and moldy and my first thought was toss em. But I couldn't stand the thought of them being in some landfill, dumped and disregarded so I took them out with us camping out last week at Shelby Forest to recycle them as kindling.  

It was a metaphorical moment for me as I watched the calendar burn and I couldn't help but wonder if that's one of the points of this walk.  


I miss my Murphy and maybe that's my to, from and for.  

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