Saturday, August 3, 2013

August is the Mommy G Appreciation Month

August is such a significant month in our history.  It was 08.01.08 that I first met Mommy G and she saved the walk.  I'm not there yet in the timeline of the book but my first team had down and outright failed us.  I was at Mark and Brandy's house in Memphis when I first met Ginger and I knew I couldn't proceed without proper support.  

Indeed and in fact as I fought my way through the Arkansas delta on my own, the fuzzybutts were staying with folks in Lonoke, everything began unraveling.  

Drama, dog people, doesn't really matter and I'll deal with this later but this almost ended in Memphis.  Of the two times I almost gave up on the walk, Memphis was the first.  

Ginger will tell you that Hudson and Murphy had her at 'woof' but our paths were fated to cross.  For better, if you ask me but for worse when you consider that three years ago today, her beloved dog, Pete, passed away from cancer.  It was the first dog she lost to this dreaded epidemic.  

Everyone has always said that Ginger should be sainted which seemed ironic to me since I was the one out there, on the road, risking it all for the cause.  In circumspect, I supposed she should but only because she tolerated me.  

Loving dogs is easy.  

Ginger does more than that.  

Since I met her and she lost two dogs to cancer this month, I'd appreciate your help in honoring her for her efforts and by making August, Mommy G Appreciation Month.  

Thank you.  

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Anonymous said...

Having had the extreme delight and pleasure of working with and actually meeting Mommy G (and sharing the same birthday LOL), I think designating August as Mommy G month is a fantastic idea. Way to go Chef Big Dog! Barb