Wednesday, May 16, 2012

2 Million Dogs Finalist in 100 Cars for Good

Over the past month we've had a stricket (as Hudsy says) project going on and boy was it tough to keep it that way.  We had hoped to make the announcement next week but the competition went live Monday and people are finding out.  

While we were in Memphis it was a tremendous honor and privilege to script, storyboard, produce and edit this beautiful video. Thanks to Jesse Muniz, our cameraman, for his discerning eye and taking two weeks of his time to help the cause.

Erich will post here about the details of the competition but I wanted to be the first to share the video.  Thank you to Toyota for selecting 2 Million Dogs as a finalist in 100 Cars for Good and thanks also to everyone who participated and contributed.  Puppy Up!

For some reason the youtube video is clipping so here's the direct link.  Please share and vote on June 20th  - YouTube Video

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Solitude.Peace said...

I'm really excited about this competition - love the video!

It has my vote!