Sunday, January 15, 2012

EMC Square

The intersection of Stockton Street and Bayard Lane

On a cold day December 2009, Hudson and Murphy and I trudged into Princeton NJ.  We stopped for repast and repose at an unknown, unmarked park like hundreds of times before on our travels.

But at the far corner of this one stood the bust of Albert Einstein.  The statue is de-refined to the point of raw, unmitigated emotion:  to portray a mathematically imprecise-world weariness none of us will ever know, was the artist's intent I suppose.

Murphy was always known as the smart one with a shock of white hair similar to Einstein so we had a fun time taking photos at the square back then. Some of you remember this.

Returning to Princeton this past week was bittersweet.  Although it was without Murphy,  we met with the scientists so passionate about this research that we funded and full of hope about its potential.  It was a good day.

Still, I had to stop by the EMC Square and say a silent prayer for my boy who gave his life for this cause.  


Solitude.Peace said...

There is beauty within the words spilled upon this page. It wasn't until I read...

'Still, I had to stop by the EMC Square and say a silent prayer for my boy who gave his life for this cause.'

...that I cried.

Sometimes it isn't the amount of words written but instead that one to two lines that speak the most. I think of your son, the world's son, my son daily.

Malcolm and Murphy; two boys in which I have had the pleasure of feeling spirtually.

carey jean said...

Don't give up...this will not be in vain.

Anonymous said...

I had to come here and comment because I wanted to let you know that you and your dogs are wonderful! What you've done and continue to do is so great! Recently, I adopted a Great Pyrenees and they are wonderful dogs but the thought that cancer is a possibility in the future is scary. My thoughts are with you and your boys as you continue to work towards answers!