Wednesday, November 30, 2011

2012 Cancer Can't Keep a Good Dog Down Calendars

I want to thank everyone again who voted for Murphy to be the 2012 cover boy and Ginger for being a big part of that as I was unable to.  I still can't look at his picture without my heart breaking and spiralling down into absolute sadness. 

This year is slighty different in that you can choose from two different covers.  The first is of Murphy's last trip to Bowling Green - a pic in which I called him 'C'oeur de Lion'.  The second is the controversial photo of me carrying Murphy the last few steps of our journey together. 

It's a strange feeling that the calendar I started in 2009 to honor the great undaunted spirits of our companions with cancer that my own would one day adorn it's cover.  Murphy gave his life for this cause and this calendar is a lovely tribute to him and all the other canine kids in it.  To purchase a 2012 calendar and help continue our fight, please follow this LINK or you can learn more about the calendars at 2 Million Dogs website

Keep the Faith & Puppy UP!

Hudson, Indiana & Luke

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Anonymous said...

if you ever do this again, you should come by viola, Illinois.