Saturday, April 23, 2011

Murphy Writes His First Blog

It began with the camping trip that Papi and I took a few weeks ago. I decided to impersonate a “good” dog just enough that Papi let his guard down. I no longer had to be tied up or held with the white knuckled grip Papi has used all my life.

Freedom at last…

I really wondered like Papi did “what could I do with this new freedom”? However, I think we were looking at it in two different ways. Papi was thinking Murph has cancer, a low energy level, has blood, snot coming from his nose and/or eye… where is he going to go and how fast can he move that I can’t catch him? I on the other hand have been thinking when am I going to bust my move?

Last night, while camping with the “family” I was dozing off by that little puppy Dash when out of the corner of my eye I saw the most regal dog walk by. Her long auburn hair was flowing in the wind as she tossed her head from side to side. I caught a whiff of her scent as she walked by again. I even heard Papi comment on her beauty. Mommy G said something about an Irish Setter. I began thinking French meets Irish… love at long last.

I waited and waited. Finally, Papi began showing Mommy G how to cook outdoors (like she’s gonna do that since she doesn’t even cook indoors). Mommy is listening to him like she may actually try this some time. I continue to wait… once Papi puts the fish on the grill and is focused on cooking I slowly begin to rise. Once up I notice no one is watching so I tip toe out of our camp site unnoticed. Once I hit the road I pick up the scent of that beautiful creature and off I go. I am busting my move!

I made it all the way to her campsite before her owners heard Papi and Mommy G calling my name. They remembered walking past us (I hope that beautiful creature remembered too). I was busted! Papi made me get in the truck with Mommy and he walked back to camp. Mommy told me I was bad, but she understood that I just had to see that beautiful creature again.

Papi called me all kinds of not so nice names and tied me to the pole with Dash. I wonder how long it will be before I fool Papi again?

Murphy (not Mostly Murphy, but All Murphy and then Some)


FiveSibesMom said...

Nice post, Murphy! Sounds like you found yourself a fine Irish lass! Hope you can see her again. Keep us posted!

Solitude.Peace said...

Now, now Papi...Let the boy enjoy some luck of the Irish!

YES MURPHY...All Murphy and then Some! You are so awesome and I just love that you knew to wait until they let their guard down and then you made your move. I too have French in me so I understand. It is just like the humans to come yelling your name when you are relaxed with a girl who I am sure had her eyes on you too. You are too handsome to pass up! Besides, don't we say 'Cancer can't keep a good dog down!'

Much Love to you Smooth, Irresitable, handsome, Smart and then some Murphy! ;)

Tish & Kirby

Anonymous said...

From Urich:
My Mommy won't let me get my groove on with the ladies either. Bummer I know. I just watched you and Hudson on TV. You two are such the celebrities! I know it's for a good cause so I give you nuzzles for your hard work. I don't know what they were talking about on that show. Hard to train? I love to help my Mommy and My kid. Mommy has trouble walking and getting up from chairs and her bed so I know when she asks me to "Help Mama" I jump right up and let her lean on me until she gets her balance. My kid has some problems too. She is only 6 and hears and sees things no one else can and they scare her A LOT. And sometimes she tries to hurt herself. I know when she is about to get that way and I let Mama know and stay with her until she isn't scared anymore. I miss her a lot because she is at a treatment center right now and hasn't been home for over a month. I sleep on her bed a lot. It's a pink princess castle bed, so don't tell the other dogs. I have my pride! :) I hope she gets to come home soon. So I don't think we are hard to train at all!!! I learned all that just on my own. I say, "PA-Shaw"!!!
I hope you are feeling ok. Mama and I send healing and loving vibes to you and Hudson and your Papi each night. We live in the North Denver area, Mama tells me you sometimes come to our area sometimes to see doggy doctors. I think you must have lots of other friends here, but if you and Hudson and your Papi ever need a place to stay you have an open door invitation. The last time there was a puppy up walk here we were going to come but Mama was having a bad walking day so we couldn't make it. :( Maybe next time.
My Mama has a blog too. She writes mostly about my kid, we call her Pickles on the blog, but sometimes she talks about how I help her too. I can't wait to read more of your blog posts. I just have one question for you. Do your dew claws get in the way when you type? Like do they sometimes hit an extra key?
Warm gentle Pyr nuzzles,
Urich, (and my Mama)

Anonymous said...

WOOOO! Murphy you still have it boy.
Happy Easter to all of you.

Anonymous said...

Free at last
Free at last
Thank Dog Almighty
I'z free at last.
I can't blame you, Murphy. I like redheads too!

David said...

Great writing Murphy!! You are one fine writer and much luck on your future love. I'm looking forward to hearing more about your adventures and the fight to rid the world of cancer. I write a blog devoted to my girl Erin who passed away recently, she was a beautiful Springer.

Merit and Finn's mom said...

Murphy, should have started blogging a long time ago. You have a real paw for it. I am glad you had a moment of freedom. My Bo had that on the farm. He had Mast Cell cancer and one day I took him to my sister's farm. I took him off leash for the first time and let him run. My pap yelled at me and said what if he doesn't come back. I told him that he was free at last and at least he was going to taste freedom before he crossed the bridge. He experienced being off the leash many a time after that. I am sure he wished he could have found a good looking blonde or red head too.

You continue to be in our thoughts and prayers buddy. Keep fighting the fight.