Saturday, August 22, 2009

2010 Cancer Can’t Keep A Good Dog Down Calendar Entrants

Here are the calendar contestants. If you DO NOT see your dog’s name here or if something is spelled incorrectly, please email me ASAP at

Thank you to all who entered. You have broken my heart and warmed my soul with the stories you have shared and the love you have shown your dogs. Would that every dog should know such love and devotion.

Voting will be live soon. Until then, you can check out all the gorgeous faces here. There are four pages, so don't forget to click through them all. Soon their stories will be up too and voting will then begin! Instructions for voting to follow.

Abby T.
Abby G.
Albion L.
Alyce & Moose C.
Annie G.
Bailey F.
Bandit C.
Barney M.
Baxter M.
Bear L.
Beardog C.
Becca W.
Bella S.
Biscuit C.
Brewster R.
Brother C.
Buddy B.
Buddy M.
Buglet B.
Casey C.
Chance L.
Charlie O’Brien M.
Chase R.
Cheyenne S.
Chico L.
Cupcake R.
Daisy L.
Darcy L.
Delaney B.
Dozer T.
Duke H.
Emmett W.
Fera P.
Floppy L.
Gambit H.
Gracie O
Grusa A.
Gryphon R.
Harvey B.
Henry S.
Hope M.
Huck R.
Huckleberry T.
Humphrey N.
Jake C.
Jake L.
Jessica M.
Katie H.
Kelly Lyn A.
Keno H.
Keyeagan D.
Kipper A.
Kobe H.
Kobie A.
Koda W.
Kraemer A.
Lady A.
Lexie E.
Lily L.
Lily R.
Lucie G.
Lucy R.
Mack H.
Maddie M.
Maggie S.
Mali P.
Marley Rasta Dog W.
Max S.
Meatball M.
Meggie T.
Mini A.
Moses R.
Murphy S.
Nova Z.
Odessa F.
Ollie L.
Roc S.
Rocky T.
Rudi H.
Sage A.
Schultz C.
Sebastian C.
Sena G.
Shilo M.
Skye A.
Solar H.
Sophie A.
Sophie F.
Thunder S.
Tigger S.
Trance B.
Treynor Z.
Trouble H.
Trouble A.
Turbo S.
Willie G.
Woof D.
Wooly Bear G.

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Uncle Big Dog said...

actually erich looks more like foozy the bear