Saturday, July 11, 2009

PyrNic at Southpark Park

Before The Boys hit the road again, they had some fun at the PyrNic at Southpark Park July 5th. What’s a Pyrnic? Well, apparently it’s a gathering, assembly, meeting, and conglomeration of a lot of Great Pyrenees and their people for a picnic – thus, PyrNic. Pretty clever, don’t you think? Hudson counted “1073 big white friends & 2000 big black noses!” but Murphy was quick to point out (because he is The Smart 1) that “u don't know how to count u can't have more noses than dogs silly!” In actuality there were NOT 1073 Great Pyrenees at the party, but there were a lot, all of them smiling! Of course, Murphy wanted to know if there would be food, and Hudson wanted to know if there would be girls. There were both, so both Boys were happy. And Luke got to meet some great people, so he was happy too!

Champ is a Landseer Newfoundland. Now, how did he get in here? Well, maybe they let him in because of his size!

Sadly, Susan lost 3 Pyrs in four months to

Mike, Tammy, Logan, and Maya drove in to enjoy the day with other Pyr friends.

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