Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Come Walk With Us

You are invited to join Luke, Hudson, and Murphy Tuesday evening, June 30th, as they walk across the West End Bridge and head into Pittsburgh and PNC Park for Pup Night with the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Luke and The Boys will be accompanied across the West End Bridge by a police escort and they hope everyone and their pups from the Pittsburgh area will join them. Folks are to meet at 6:15 PM EDT at the south side of the bridge, walk cross the bridge with The Boys, and enjoy Pup Night together.

Make sure if you plan to attend Pup Night after the walk across the bridge that your bring your dog’s proof of vaccination, as that will be checked where tickets are purchased at Federal Street ($20.00 includes one people and one pup).

It should be a great night of new friends, baseball, and more dogs than you can throw a stick for! We hope to see you there.

Should the weather look iffy, please check the Pirates’ web page to see if the game is a go or has been canceled. If the game is canceled, Luke and The Boys will not be crossing the bridge. (Murphy HATES water, remember?)

Let’s hope for great weather, lots of company, and a great game!

For some interesting info and photos of PNC Park, click here.

Batter Up … Puppy Up!

(Check out the photo Luke took of the West End Bridge -- somewhere amongst the clouds. A follower on Twitter posted the comment: The views from the Bridge are awesome. It's not that high, and not that long. Pittsburgh will embrace you! Let's just hope the weather holds!)

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LiveWorkDream said...

How awesome is this!!! Wish we could be there.