Monday, November 24, 2008

Warm and Toasty Wish List

Hudson here. I'm probably not supposed to be playing around on The Bloginator's computer, but if I have Murphy vacuum off all the white hairs and dog prints, and squeegee the screen where I kinda slobbered, I should be pretty safe. And, after all, what The Bloginator doesn't know won't hurt him.

Look, this is the thing. You may have noticed that our Papa, Luke, has skin, not fur. And he's going into cold and snowy weather, which Murphy and I like (pretty much) but which could freeze Papa's not-so-little tootsies off if he doesn't have the right stuff for the trip. And if he freezes his not-so-little tootsies off, he can't walk, and if he can't walk then we can't walk, and then where will we be? So, we put together a "Wish List" for our Dad and went down to this really cool store in Memphis called Outdoors, Inc. and had stuff put on lay-away. Yes, stores are doing lay-away again after all these years. We understand from The Bloginator (who is really really old in dog years — heck, he may even be mummified for all we know) that law-away is something people used to do all the time when he was a kid and the Earth was still cooling. Instead of charging something, people put it on law-away and paid for it on time until it was all paid for, and then they could cart it all home with them. Aren't humans clever?

Anyway, I digress. Murphy and I put together a list of some of the things Papa needs to walk this winter without freezing his bum off. With the assistance of some pretty nice humans at the store called Outdoors, Inc. we have some great things put on lay-away to help Papa stay warm while he's walking in the ice and snow and wind and sleet and blizzards and avalanches (well, maybe not avalanches) of Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, and, well, wherever we're going. (OK, I can type but I don't read maps. That's why we have Papa.) But we need your help. While Papa feeds us really good, and hugs on us a lot, he doesn't give us any allowance (can you believe that?), so we need help buying these neat things to help keep him warm. You see, if he's warm, we're warm. Does that make sense? Murphy said it would.

So here's the list (it's called "Luke Robinson's Lay-away Items") and the phone number to Outdoors, Inc. is 901-722-8988, where you can call and help us pay for the lay-away stuff. You can talk to a nice lady there named Robin — she knows all about the lay-away stuff — and she can help with any amount of money you'd like to give to help pay for the stuff Papa needs. If Robin is not there, you can ask for Rachel or Callie because they know about the lay-away stuff and they're very nice too.

So here’s our List called the "Luke Robinson's Lay away Items" from Outdoors, Inc. in Memphis:

(1) North Face Red Point Jacket - size XL - price is $170.50. (That is with the nice 15% discount they gave us because we're really nice dogs). This is a great jacket with a hood and is water resistant. Murphy did some research and learned that layering is the way to go for people without fur. So Papa can put this over the shirts he wears and stay toasty warm.

(2) North Face Venture Pants - size XL - $59.50 (with our doggie discount). Papa really does already have pants, but these are water resistant and will help him keep dry in the rain and snow.

Papa also has a neat Registry on-line for other things he will need along the way. So if you’d like to see some of these things, you can follow this link.

Any dehydrated food packs for Papa would be great. Vegetarian please. While Murphy and I eat meat, Papa is really a plant eater. Gross, I know. But he likes veggies. You can find a list of the veggie packs he likes on the registry. But maybe you could take it easy on the stuff with beans in it? We have to sleep with him in a very small tent.

Oh, and if you'd like to help Murphy and me, since we might need some extra warmth too, Papa has put up a link on the registry for some warm and toasty fleece dog warmers we'd really like to have, if you'd be so kind. You can see them here and read all about them here. Murphy would like a size XL in green and I would like the size X in red, please. Not only will we be nice and warm, but we will look very stylish!

Oh, please remember — if you do help buy the lay-away goodies (any donation, big or small, will be greatly appreciated) please email our friends Ginger at or Lori at and let them know who you are, how to contact you, the amount you donated and for what stuff. Lori would like to be sure and send you a thank you card (she is very thoughtful), and Ginger needs to keep track of how much is donated and by whom (because she keeps track of things like that).

We would be thankful for ANY donations to Papa’s list of stuff. He has a great sleeping bag and other things for the trip, but he could really use the jacket and pants to keep him warm and dry. And of course, he doesn’t eat Honest Kitchen food like we do, so he could use some food packs. He’s really a good cook, but it’s hard to cook on the road, especially in the cold and sleet and wind and ice and blizzards and avalanches (OK, Murphy said enough with the avalanches).

Thank you very much for your help.

Your friends,

Hudson & Murphy

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