Thursday, June 26, 2014

Damn dove

A few weeks back I was walking south of kalama WA. It was a crappy day & had took ill the day prior & wasn't feeling any better.

Even still I had the firmest intention of making 25 miles that day but as I left the town a damnable bird jumped right out in front of me.  Clearly he/she was injured & I almost walked right by thinking I don't have time for this.

But I couldn't leave an injured little feller on the side of the road either. The host family I was staying with helped me get the dove to the Portland Audubon society & I just got off the phone with them & he's/she's doing okay.

They're administering antibiotics.  I gave them what cash I had in my pocket and thanked them.  I think it's time for us to name him/her. 

Even though I lost 17 miles I have to make up, 'damn' dove just doesn't do justice.  

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Unknown said...

I think the dove's name should have to do with grounding you, bringing you back to reality so to speak. I am having problems with the right words so bear with me... Your walk is a large endeavor, for a great cause, but a large undertaking nonetheless. The dove was put in your path to remind you to keep the small things in focus when working on the large. Anybody following my ramblings ?