Sunday, August 10, 2014

The Pyr Paw

To me it's always been a symbol of strength and solidarity.  Just open your palm and it's there.  It's loyalty, allegiance, and at times a lean-to, the late at night shelter in the wilderness of uncertainty.

Murphy used to paw me so much I called him Pez and I was the dispenser for whatever he needed and wanted.  

Today is the 3 month mark of our west coast walk and from my experience with Murphy I learned that the pyr paw sometimes means it's time to tap out.

Hudson cannot continue forward on this walk.  Paw problems have plagued him from close to the outset and to our damnest extent we've tried to figure out why and exhausted all solutions. The cold damp climate?  Non stop licking causing chronic inflammation and infection?  Some say there are microscopic sand burrs on the coastline and a whole host of other speculations.

But like any other father, still in the absence of a reason or a solution, a decision has to be made.

Hudson is being picked up today and transported back to Memphis.  Indiana and I will continue on with sadness in our hearts and the longing to be reunited will drive us the rest of the way. 


Suzyq said...

Our hearts are with you and Indy! Puppy Up!

Anonymous said...

Hi Luke,
It was a pleasure meeting you, Indiana, and of course, Hudson. It's a difficult choice, but you've made the right one. Best to you and Indy as you continue your walk to raise cancer awareness.
Best Regards,
Jan Henault ~ Brookings, OR

Unknown said...

Sad. Makes this walk even more different, like it wasn't already. But good to think of what is best for Hudson first. Prayers for goodness, providence, a clear path ahead as you journey on, and for Hudson's health and golden time with Ginger.

Anonymous said...

This is James and Wanda, it was such a great pleasure meeting you and Hudson and Indiana, we are so sorry that Hudson is having problems, and we know you will miss him greatly on the rest of your journey.

Unknown said...

It is always hard to part with them even for a short time but it is best for Hudson. You will always be joined in heart and he will continue to walk with you in spirit, continue to support the good fight.

Blessings to all of you!

Anonymous said...

You take care of your boys...They are lucky to have you...I tell you, if reincarnation is real, I've decided I want to come back as Luke Robinson's dog. What a life that would be! - m

Anonymous said...

Knowing your difficult decision, it was the best one for Hudson. So sorry that he cannot continue. He will be there in spirit for you - and your inspiration to continue on. Be safe in your journey.

Anonymous said...

Sí. Tal vez siempre lo haré.... for now keep the updates and pictures from the road coming, hombre guapo.