Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Murphy Has Cancer

Looking at murphy's blood stained snout from the biopsy that was performed some hours ago, I could ask why. Why give him cancer, my boy who walked across the country for all others who suffer from this horrible disease. It may seem a cruel irony that just over a month after its completion he was diagnosed.

I choose not to ask because the answer is as unknowing as it is extraneous. What I felt when I awakened this morning was truly blessed. God's love for us is so great that he held the cancer at bay until after our mission was completed . He got us from Austin to Boston safely fulfilling his promise.

From what the vets said yesterday, nasal cancer can come in several varieties so we're awaiting the results of the biopsy. While I am still digesting all of the information and articles that were provided to me it seems the 'gold standard' of care is radiation therapy over a three week period. The prognosis of nasal cancer especially caught this early is promising even though the tumor has invaded part of Murphy's bone.

I want to thank the staff at Colorado State University Vet School for taking good care of Mr. Murphy yesterday, especially Drs. Woorley and Venable and Jennifer who's a fourth year student.

I'll post regular updates here... puppy up!


Jeni & Bear said...

So so sorry to hear the news. It is devastating and nothing can be said to ease the pain. Our hearts are with you and Murph, and Huds too. We followed you on your journey, and wished we could have been a part of it. You have done amazing things and I know God didnt bring you this far for nothing. Out of something bad, comes something good...we just dont know what it is yet. Hugs to you, ear scritches to Huds and Murph and please hang in there. We lift Murph up to God...and pray, Thy Will, not mine be done....AMEN

Anonymous said...

Hi Luke:

I am hoping and praying that Murphy will be cured. What a terrible thing to happen to him, you and Hudson. I am sure he is in the best of hands at this time. My Nikki (the Rottie) spent three days in the hospital last week. I thought she was dying in the middle of the night. I gave her a couple of pain pills and she and I both slept for a while. I called the vet in the morning and got squeezed in that day. When we got to the vet's office she started gasping and her tongue turned blue. They hustled her into oxygen and she spent two days in oxygen. Her heart is enlarged and she has a lot of fluid around her heart. She is home now and doing well. She had some spots on her lungs and we take her back for an x-ray on Thursday to see if it is fluid or cancer. She is 15 this year. I just heard from my friend who's brother's dog has nasal cancer. Wht the hell is going on with this terrible disease? Hugs to you and the boys.


BoSoxAmy said...

I love your positive outlook! Hugs to you and the fuzzybutts. Praying for a full and quick recovery for Murphy.

Marcia Siemsen said...

Luke, Dr. Worley was Maxx's doctor at CSU. I loved her. She is very very smart and pragmatic. She has good instincts. She tells it like it is, no fluff. She will always be honest with you. She had instincts about Maxx toward the end of his battle that we couldn't confirm at the time emperically but in hindsight, were spot on. Murphy is is very very good hands. I am here in Boulder and I am here if you need someone to go with you to CSU for Murphy's treatments. I can even take Murphy if there is a need.

Marcia Siemsen

Anonymous said...

sending some positive thoughts your way, give Murphy a hug..

Kim Wolff

Anonymous said...

Luke, thank you for posting the info about Murphy. There have been sooo many people praying for you and Murphy. I am sorry that you are faced with this trial now after completing your journey.
You will remain in my heart, thoughts and prayers.
Love always, Patty Gartmann

The A-team said...

You're in the very best place to help Murphy. He'll be cuddled and coddled, and so you need to give yourself some coddling too. If you need help, call.

Anonymous said...

I have never met Luke or Murphy but I am sitting her struggling to type this as I can''t see clearly due to my tears. I feel like there is not much to say right now except I am so sorry but wanted you to know you are all in my thoughts and prayers. I hugged my dog when I read this posting hoping you and Murphy and Huds would feel it too! Best wishes and many good vibes to you in this hard fight ahead! Bless you and and many thanks for all you have done already for this cause!

Trish & Steve said...

I am so sorry to hear that. My husband and I have followed you all on the 2,000 mile trek through Facebook. Sending Murphy all of our best wishes for a complete recovery and prayers for his well-being.

Diana Flegal said...

I am heartbroken and can only imagine your heartache. Praying for all involved- for wisdom as to the treatment and provision and comfort for Murphy.
Love , tears and prayers to you from Pittsburgh!

Rene said...

We are so sorry Luke, this is unreal. Your positive attitude will go far in this battle.

Jim was in town yesterday, I'm sorry you guys didn't connect. When you go back to CSU, let us know and we'll get together if you're up to it.


Unknown said...

DO start giving Murphy Cat's Claw (capsule) it will help to reduce the cancer, it also fights it and slows cancers growth.

The other thing is DMSO.. do apply it in a 'patting' to the nose where the cancer is at.. 70% or 50% (dilute with distilled water) will penetrate the area (50% will go into the bone) and DMSO is used in P.E.T. scans, as it identifies the cancer cells and the medical industry uses dmso to carry the die to show up.. but DMSO on its own can really stop a cancer cell from growing. it sets the cell back to *default* meaning the cell that was invaded by cancer goes back to its regular business before the cancer invaded it.. this is much easier on the living being then any radiation is. or even chemo which takes a large toll on the animal, sometimes more so then the cancer itself.. its working on helping a pyr live with lymphoma and still work with her goats.. and see about getting some of that brushwood that article talked about last month?

I will be sending up prayers for Murphy.. Sinatra and Murphy struck up a good relationship at the parkman stage after the walk.. Sinatra sends Healings in his own way also. JoMorningStar & Sinatra MASD.

Jackie said...

I am so sorry to hear about his cancer. My dog, Blue, has cancer as well. He has a very rare cancer and is not treatable. The vet said hed die in 3 months, and that was 2 1/2 years ago! Luckily for me it has stayed dermal. And although it has spread from his face to his neck, he is still doing amazing and feels no pain. Other than to look at him, you would never know my sweet, playful, and loving boy has cancer. He was diagnosed at only 1 yrs old! God has blessed me with this time to love and spoil him. Good luck to you. You are in our prayers.

Knollsgerbils said...

We're heartbroken to hear this, Luke. Prayers and positive vibes being sent to Murphy.

Judith and Stuart

Far & Away said...

Our thoughts are with you, Murphy and Hudson. You guys are truly an inspiration.

~Naomi & Akira
Boston Snow Dogs

Debbie Eades said...

I am heartbroken about Murphy and all that you and Ginger have to endure. Years ago my dog Sam had radiation treatments on his nose for cancer. It was a tough 3 weeks but he lived another 5 years. Keep thinking positive thoughts - you got it early and that is so important. We will keep all of you in our prayers. {{HUGS}}

Diane Herbst said...

so sorry to hear this. Murphy brought such joy into my home during his two visits to NJ. I will never forget him jumping over the oven door to eat the cat food!
I am so glad he is at a top cancer center, and hopeful he will be ok.
diane, smokey, gingee (my new rescue), and the cats.

Suzy said...

This is heartbreaking news, Luke. But your strength and positive attitude in the face of adversity is just AWESOME. You have never ceased to inspire me each and every day. You have been my role model in fighting this awful cancer beast.

Sending lots and love and prayers your way to you and the boys, plus a sloppy Great Dane kiss and a "lean".

Sue, Nova's Mom (Nova is a 6.5 year old blind Great Dane, Tripawd, and 21-month Osteosarcoma survivor

George The Duck and the HotMBC Kittehs said...

We are sorry to hear this. We anipals on twitter will be keeping Luke in our #pawcircle.

Lori Madeja said...

Dear Luke,
Cancer is so unfair,and horrible. Our prayers are with Murphy and you, for this to happen especially after the wonderful job you and the boys did is very unfair. Hopefully they have caught it in time. We are all so proud to know you guys and to have been a part of that wonderful journey. Give Murphy a big hug and kiss and a extra treat tonight from all of us that appreciate him so much. All my girls sends positive thoughts and prayers to you.

Robbin said...

Luke, you know full well about the power of positive thinking. Your experiences on the road have no doubt been supported by your upbeat outlook you had, during every step of your journey. As your journey with your Boys continues, I am certain that all 3 of you will continue to shine, come what may. Sending our love & healing prayers to all of you, especially to Murphy.

Love from New Jersey:
Robbin & Kerry Sneddon
Chief & Ranger (Pyrs)
Maddy & Luna (Samoyeds)

jenx1218 said...

Dear Murphy,
Very few things in life are fair. You having cancer after your 2k mile trek, SUPER unfair. Whats fair though is you were given a best friend that will take care of you better than anybody else on the earth could. You are a beautiful dog and Im crying without even knowing you, simply because of what you have accomplished in your lifetime. Murphy, I couldnt even DRIVE 2k miles, never mind walk. You are a TRUE HERO!!!! All our puppy love here in PA!!!

Unknown said...

my heart and prayers are with you always. big hugs to you and to Papi too. hudson, no one will forget to hug you too. Keep each other strong and think positive. with all the love and prayers sent to you all lets hope it all bonds together and you feel its strength.Much Love, hugs and kisses to you Luke, Murphy and Hudson. Mommy G and pete too!!

MyFuZZyButtZ said...

Murphy musta overheard you considering plans for a western walk. Yeah, this is one way to get outta having to do all that travelin' again, right? He's a smart boy Luke! Lovin' PurrZ from me and my clutter of 9 catZ.

Scout and Freyja said...

I can barely read through my tears. I am so, so sorry, so sorry.

Anonymous said...

Oh Luke - I want to SCREAM! I want to blame God, blame everything .... because this CANNOT KEEP HAPPENING TO OUR BABIES. Our sweet innocent babies. But you teach such a lesson in your grace & dignity in not blaming God, but thanking him.

He *did* let you finish your mission. Murphy has so very many angels, including my Kibo & Sana, that I know he will be one of the winners.

So many thoughts of love & support follow you Murphy ... kick cancers ASS! xo R~, from RI

Anonymous said...

Oh Luke - I want to SCREAM! I want to blame God, blame everything .... because this CANNOT KEEP HAPPENING TO OUR BABIES. Our sweet innocent babies. But you teach such a lesson in your grace & dignity in not blaming God, but thanking him.

He *did* let you finish your mission. Murphy has so very many angels, including my Kibo & Sana, that I know he will be one of the winners.

So many thoughts of love & support follow you Murphy ... kick cancers ASS! xo R~, from RI

kathyabj said...

Dear Luke, Hudson and especially Murphy, I'm saddend by this news of cancer. How brave you all have been in your long journey and this should be a time of celebration not radiation treatments. But we all here know that you(Luke) will see to it that Murphy gets the very best of care. We'll be Chippin -in as well as sending healing hugs and prayers from Bruns, Ohio, Love Kathy & Giz (we met you in Dublin, Oh)

Sheila and Bob said...

We just found out about your walk and blog and also the sad news of Murphy's cancer diagnoses.
Having been owned by Golden Retrievers for close to 40 years, we and our Goldens have been touched by this insidious disease.
We are praying for Murphy.
God Bless you for all you have done to fight cancer.
Sheila & Bob
Mom & Dad to
Hamish & Sophie

Kathryn Levy Feldman (Kit) said...

Truly a cruel and unusual twist of fate, after everything you have been through and done to fight this beast. Please know we in Pennsylvania are pulling for you and let me know if you want a consult from your friends at U of P.
Stay strong.
Kit Feldman

Plebayo said...

I've only just learned about your journey recently and hope to take part in the walk in Washington. I have a 14 year old dog who has been in remission from nasal cancer for 1 year. Because of her age I opted to do a chemo plan, doxorubicin and carboplatin, along with oral piroxicam. She still sneezes now and then but the tumor has not changed since doing chemo and the nose bleeds she once had have stopped. I wish you lots of luck on your journey, cancer sucks!

Carol Giambri said...

Molly, our precious dog, got diagnosed by CSU vet school here in CO too in Sept. 2009. Progressive Lupus. However she is now healed at 11. Amazing story and posted on my dog website. Keep the faith. I was given no hope by 3 vet clinics but stood on God's word and saw the victory. No promises to anyone but believing for Murphy's victory. All things are possible. Regardless how it looks, and mine on death row, I'm standing with you! Just speak life over the dog regardless. Dogs are amazing! Here for you!!

Anonymous said...

I am sending my prayers to you and your family. I have been through your situation, losing my one of my closest friends to cancer seven years ago. He was my confidant, exercise companion, therapist, and guaranteed mood enhancer. His name was Kodiak, a beautiful Golden Retriever. One day I was brushing him, like I did regularly, and I felt a lump on his abdomen. Rushing to our vet, we found a lump the size of a 2 litre bottle attached to his colon.

I was heartbroken... here was my baby of almost 10 years, so sick... I discussed a plan of action with my vet and my mother who is also a vet tech. I did not want Kodi to suffer any more, especially to have him survive longer just for me... I wanted him to live with dignity, even it was only for a short period of time. So we opted to not do radiation, why make him more sick for me?, if it was not guaranteed to help him....

Then we fed him steak, chicken, whatever he wanted... for the next four months he was a happy, loving part of my life... My only regret is that he did not live long enough to meet his new brother and sister that were born 2 months later from one of my mother's Goldens. They are both healthy and spoiled rotten... but they give us so much in return, they deserve it....

I simply want people to think about the options they have before choosing radiation treatments. I wanted Kodi to not be constantly sick and have quality time together... everyone must choose for their family based on their circumstances...

My thought was this, if he/she could talk what would be the decision of my pet?

Drew said...


Our Basset, Dugan, was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer in July of 2011 and we lost him August 2012. It was a devastating loss to me considering Dugan went everywhere with me. Car, Plane, Boat and many walks. I spent countless amounts of time at Auburn University at their cancel lab. There was a drug called Palladia that was INCREDIBLE on Dugan. Without it I don't believe he would have lived more than 5 months. His time was of quality alos, which was a blessing. Just need to watch their kidneys with UPC tests but Dugan did fine.

During his treatments I saw a program for Nasal Carcinoma with the drug. I was amazed how well it worked on those dogs. I personally paid close attention to one of the dogs. The diagnosis was very grim, but after months of Palladia treatments he is still around today.

Anything I can do to help, just let me know......


Andy Entrekin

Patrick said...

Maybe a bit late on this blog but you never know. This morning i was watching Animal Planet overhere in Belgium and they talked about the 2000 mile walk against dogcancer, so the first thing i did was looking for it on the internet and i realized that the walk started in 2009 and lasted for about 2 years. A few years ago i had two dogs, one a little poodle died in 2007 on cancer and the second one died last september also on cancer and it felt like i lost my best friends. At that moment i said no way i am going to bye another dog because of the pain i felt after they died, but now after 3 months there is another puppy running around here (Maltezer) i always had small dogs.
Now there is something i wonder.
What is happening now after de walk, does the organisation still exist and are there maybe fundraisings over the borders like overhere in Europe because i know the cancer problem with dogs is still there.
Keep on the good work Patrick (mistral@pandora.be)